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Cut from the finest SCMC bacon slabs. (Brussel sprouts not included.)

15 lb. or more Lardons $22.50  Qty: Price:
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: Single Delivery

$1.50 /lb

Ok, the price doesn't get any lower. We have many bacon ends from our marvelous Classic SCMC Bacon, and want to pass the savings onto our favorite CSA members.

THIS PRICE IS ONLY FOR 15# BAGS. (Know however, some bags will be up to 19#, but you will only be charged for 15#.)


Pork bellies are not perfect squares. When we slice bacon there are always the ends that don't slice perfectly into "bacon," leaving us with the same product, but much less costly "bacon ends."

ViolĂ !

Add to brussel sprouts, burgers, lentil soup, potatoes, baked beans, veggies, salads, really add to anything.

As a CSA member you get a $4.49 /lb savings when you buy this add-on!

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